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TechTour: Laptop 1, BootUp

A few people have asked me what I use to blog and some other goodies that I use in my day-to-day work.  Since the office is under construction, I’m actually working on my backup laptop. Here’s a quick vid of my Laptop in boot-up:

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Start Here.

I’ve been out of practice/shape for so long, and I’m so up to my ears in different thoughts and exercises and philosophies on getting in shape that I’m lost.  Completely, utterly dumbfounded.

And then I found Raphael.

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Exercise 2: The WallPush

Feeling that i’ve got running under control and since i’m now running 10 minutes a session, I thought it might be time to bring in another exercise.  Something good, something basic, something classic.

The Push-Up.

Push-ups are tough but easy once you get used to them. but what if i cant do a push up after all this time.  Well, luckily Raphael had me covered.

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The First Exercise

If you’ve been following this blog, you know a bit about  the journey from absolutely Zero exercise to becoming the best a person can be.  And through this journey, I’ve used something I call the Baby Steps method – small, barely noticeable changes you can maintain and grow upon.  Today, I’m delving into a world I used to know quite a bit, but I’m putting all my knowledge on the shelf and learning from the beginning:  I’m taking on weight lifting.

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