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The Three-A-Day Method

Feeling overwhelmed with a to do list?  Stacks of papers or mail piling up?  Have you ever moved and, after unpacking, realize this box of stuff is mostly junk but you don’t have time to organize it? Enter the three-a-day method.

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The Lifehacker’s Guide On How to Take out the Garbage

Oh yes, this is a serious guide.  You would not believe the crazy things I’ve seen people do, trying to get refuse out of their homes or offices.  People don’t often think about taking out the trash, because it’s a simple task.  But they’re doing it wrong, and that make it difficult.  When its difficult, people don’t do it.  So let’s make it easy.

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On Cleaning Like a Man.

Taking care of a home is no simple, easy chore.  Even just a single person living alone can create huge amounts of dirt and disorganization that can slow a life down.  Being clean and organized is an important part of a healthy and better lifestyle.  Me?  Well I really need to get on that cleaning thing.

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