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The Three-A-Day Method

Feeling overwhelmed with a to do list?  Stacks of papers or mail piling up?  Have you ever moved and, after unpacking, realize this box of stuff is mostly junk but you don’t have time to organize it? Enter the three-a-day method.

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On Cleaning Like a Man.

Taking care of a home is no simple, easy chore.  Even just a single person living alone can create huge amounts of dirt and disorganization that can slow a life down.  Being clean and organized is an important part of a healthy and better lifestyle.  Me?  Well I really need to get on that cleaning thing.

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How To Make A To-Do List

As we’ve discussed, a To-do list is a great way to prioritize, organize and make a start into a better, more organized life.  Its hard to get started, and harder to keep going, but with the right attitude and some easy steps, a to-do list can because the start of a better life. How can you know where you are going, if you don’t know were you are?

This is how to write a to-do list

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A Mild case of the Mondays (A Day Later)

It’s surprising how often life gets in the way. I spent much of last week sick, and a lot of this week playing catch up.

I’m a chef, which means I work ridiculous hours almost every day, and I also write for Ions, the technology and science blog.  For those who don’t know, yesterday was a big day as Apple unveiled a few goodies. I took the day to help liveBlog the event and podcast some analysis after. Please check it out, shameless plug here.

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Is your to-do list actually hurting your ability to get things done?

In this modern age, the to-do list is a daily ritual, almost a chore in of itself, but it’s not something that automatically make you more productive.

If you make lists at all, you’ve probably ended up with one or two lists that have over 10 tasks for the day.  Trying to get started on such a mountainous list is like tackling the Matterhorn: the immensity of whats at hand leaves you paralyzed, maybe feeling a sense of obligation instead of determination. Continue reading Is your to-do list actually hurting your ability to get things done?