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List Inception: 10 reasons Lists rule

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Everywhere you turn, there’s a list for your next chore, or idea.

My Facebook feed is cluttered with the age-old blogging tradition ‘Random things about me’, where friends list the most random and intimate things they have done or thought about.  Facebook and Twitter and Blogs are full of ’10 Great Books to Read’, ‘6 Places to Live’, ‘9 Reasons You Need to..’ etc etc etc.  Before social media, David Letterman made his bread and butter with his Top 10.

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We’re Moving!

Hello Friends.

Thanks a million for reading my blog, and liking my stuff, and interacting.  I’ve met loads of really nice folks and I’m surprised how fast and furious the blog has grown.  I’ve hit some technical issues thou, and the only way to make them all work is to move to a self-hosted site.  So I Have.

Please join me over at and i promise I’ll be entertaining.  Well, sometimes.  If you already subscribe, you’ll be moved over automatically, and i Hope to hear more from Y’all.


See you on the other side.


Richy Lee

Quotes for Men to Live by #9

Criticism is a fact of life. family, friends, colleagues coworkers and of course, your boss. at the end of the day, its best to stick to your guns, do what you do best and let the words of ill will rolls off your back.

Plato is a perfect example of practicing what he preached.

The central tenant of what would become western philosophy would not exist today if Plato had justified each critic with an answer.

Criticism can be useful, no doubt, but don’t let it stop you from living your life.  Haters gonna hate.

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