The Three-A-Day Method

Feeling overwhelmed with a to do list?  Stacks of papers or mail piling up?  Have you ever moved and, after unpacking, realize this box of stuff is mostly junk but you don’t have time to organize it? Enter the three-a-day method.

Sometimes, no matter how often you clean and organize there’s always one stack of papers left over that you need to go through.  Sometimes you can never get through it and it doubles in size the next week.   Or triples.

No Shame here. This is my desk currently. Ok, a bit of shame.


Sometimes stuff collects, and piles, and it becomes too daunting to go through.  You want to toss it out, but you’re not even sure whats in there.

Yeah, I’ve been there.  We all have.


I moved downtown 3 years ago;  I condensed everything I owned to fit in a downtown condo.   Some stuff got put so far on the back-burner, that I have yet to touch it, three years later.

Mail delivery was a huge issue, and after not getting mail for along time,  I suddenly received months of mail all at once.

In a pile.

A tower.


I kept putting things off or shuffling around but still not actually doing it.   It became this mountain I had yet to climb.  I need an easy way to start.

Even the greatest landslide begins as a small pebble.

Like I set out for myself with the Baby Steps Method, I created the Three-A-Day method for myself and, after some prodding, it was suggested I share it.

it’s a simple concept; 3 a day.

Whether its bills, paper, things to do or deal with, do just 3 of them every day.

Throw out 3 things.  Open 3 letters.  Move 3 things.  Fix three things. every day.


If you have an overflowing email box, start with dealing with 3 emails: you’ll have to deal with more that just 3 if you are like me and have signed up for too many newsletters…


Iron 3 shirts.  Do the first three chores.  Toss out three things you don’t need.  Three doesn’t seem like a lot and that’s the beauty of it; it won’t feel like work or a chore, it won’t make a difference right away, but after a month your home and mindset will be completely different.

Even 3 a day would make this desk a better place
Even 3 a day would make this desk a better place

It’s a challenge.  And a tough one at that. If you’re swimming in things to do and spinning your wheels on where to start, give this a try.

A clean, organize home reflects a clean organized life and mind.

Does it work for you? Use the hashtag #3aDay to share your progress with the world or comment below


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