The Lifehacker’s Guide On How to Take out the Garbage

Oh yes, this is a serious guide.  You would not believe the crazy things I’ve seen people do, trying to get refuse out of their homes or offices.  People don’t often think about taking out the trash, because it’s a simple task.  But they’re doing it wrong, and that make it difficult.  When its difficult, people don’t do it.  So let’s make it easy.

1. Avoid over-filling the garbage bag while it’s in the trash can. Try to crush or compact the trash so it reduce in size, maximizing capacity of the trash bag.

user_warning PERSONAL NOTE: Always take out the trash before it overflows.  Start with once a week, like I did and increase frequency if needed.


Urgent_02-512WARNING: Avoid breathing into a open trash bag. rotten eggs and meat is not a pleasure odor

tutorial-icon OBVIOUS TIP: Make sure you don’t put anything too heavy in the garbage, or your bag might rip.

2. Leave some extra room at the top of the garbage bag to tie a simple knot, ensuring garbage does not fall out.

user_warning  PERSONAL NOTE / SAFETY TIP: If your significant other asks you to take out the trash, do it sooner rather than later.


Urgent_02-512 WARNING: be very careful with items like glass and metal cans. Anyone can easily get cut on broken glass or metal edge.  Try to place glass inside another container and then in the trash.

3. Move bag/bags of trash to drop of point, be it the garbage chute, the curb or a larger municipal garbage container. Make sure nothing is dropped of left behind.

tutorial-icon TIP: If you have trash or recycling boxes, write your house number directly on the box: a storm might blow them own the street, or an enterprising neighbor might ‘borrow’ them.

tutorial-icon OBVIOUS TIP: Try to avoid dropping trash: you’ll have even more mess to deal with later.


tutorial-icon  SOCIAL TIP: If you have a work environment with a trash container; take out your own garbage – don’t leave it for someone else, that’s just bad manners.

user_warning PERSONAL ACCIDENT NOTE: If you take out the trash at night, make sure your path is well-lit.  there’s nothing worse than tripping over a toy or stick and falling into garbage.  Not that THATS ever happened to me.  No sir.

4. If you have more than one bag to transport, consider using a then a wagon, wheel barrow, or cart to help move the garbage.

That's Not exactly what I meant.
That’s Not exactly what I meant.

user_warning PERSONAL NOTE: Dont drag the garbage bag along the floor or outside.  All bags will rip.  Trust me.

5. Throw all bags into the chute/container/dumpster.


If leaving the trash outside, ensure a lid is place on the contain/dumpster and secured.  Here’s why:

6. Place a fresh plastic bag into the home garbage can.  Replace lid if necessary.

check out Made Man for the best and worst garbage bags to buy.

tutorial-icon OBVIOUS TIP: Make sure there is no holes into the trash bag when replacing.

tutorial-icon  INFORMATION: In some places, taking out the trash involved using a dumpster, barrel or municipal container on the street curb.  If this is the case, follow your municipal guidelines for both placement and the time. Once the trash has been emptied into the municipal collection truck, return the barrel or dumpster to a location on your own property: they can be stolen, and are expensive to replace.

tutorial-icon HOME EC TIP: If you live in a house with multiple people and there will be a lot of garbage, line your garbage can with 2 bags for extra strength. This will make sure it doesn’t tear when you take it out.

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