Wednesday, November 19th

Its gotten dark and cold up here.  Seems like November has given way to Winter very quickly.  Already, I’m beginning to notice a difference in energy levels, lack of sunshine, lack of being able to not put a sweater on.  Winter is definitely here.

Warm Up:(x2)
Arm-Circles Forward: 8
Arm Circles Reverse: 8
Body Twist: 8

Shoulder Stability Curls
3 sets of 8 reps each x 8lbs

This is the first time I’ve hit 3sets of 8 reps.  There are differing ideas, but if you want to increase your size/strength, you’ll have to increase your weight.  If you are looking to tone, you can increase your reps.  I’m in the former camp, for now, and will have to continually push to increase the weights.  Again, be careful here; this exercise can do serious damage to your joint and tendons in the arm if you lift too much too fast.  8lbs may not seem like a lot, but it’s a lot on an outstretched arm.  Go slow.

Wall Push
1Foot away x 8 push x 2Sets

Added another set.  Next, I’m going to slowly move my feet away more and more and increase the force required to ‘push up’

By the Numbers:

Speed: 3.3 mph
Distance: 1.07 Miles
Elevation: 1.2
Calories: 110
Heart Rate: 130 BMP
Time: 20:00

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