On Cleaning Like a Man.

Taking care of a home is no simple, easy chore.  Even just a single person living alone can create huge amounts of dirt and disorganization that can slow a life down.  Being clean and organized is an important part of a healthy and better lifestyle.  Me?  Well I really need to get on that cleaning thing.

Ok truth be told, my home is never dirty.  Disorganize?   Hell yes, but not that dirty. It gets dirty from time to time and then I must spend a whole day just cleaning. That’s not a great way to spend a day, so perhaps its time we/I bring in the old childhood favorite: The chore chart.


When I was young my parents made a chart for me and my 2 siblings. We each has a chore to do and the chores would change so one person wasnt always doing all the sweeping, for example.

The chores never included things like home maintenance, car upkeep, cooking, or laundry.  It was basic tidy, sweep, etc simple stuff.

Since I tend to focus on my building of a to do list, perhaps I should create a tidy list.  A manly chore chart.


The perpetual question is: where do I begin?


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