How to do a Pushup (even if you can’t now)

OK, push ups can be hard, especially if you’re not used to them.  They are a big part of any fitness plan, you can do them anywhere, with no equipment and have hundreds of varieties.

“But I can’t do a push up!”

its okay. baby steps man.

Here’s a plan that will get you get push-up ready in no time.  Basically, if you cant do a push up now, you just need to reduce some of the weight you need to move for an easier movement.


Using the baby steps method you can do a simpler, easier exercise and progressively build up to a more difficult move until you are doing a real, full push up

Start with Wall Push

Somewhat like a regular push up, instead of ‘up’ its ‘away from
a wall’


Clench your butt, flex those abs, and put your hands up.  Set your palms slightly wider than shoulder width and take one step backwards.


Keep your body in a straight line and slowly but steadily lower yourself towards the wall until your nose is almost touching it, and then explode back up into the starting position.

Once you can easily do 1 set of 8, take another step back to increase the amount of weight/pressure on your arms and back.


You can start with 1 a day, like I am, and build up or even do 8 reps and then increase the difficulty.

Aim for doing 3 sets of Wall Push Ups every other day before you move on. keep track of how many you can do with proper form, and you should see some progress in no time.  If you can do 3 sets of 8 pushes from 2 or 3 steps back, you can proceed to doing your first actual push up.


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