The Current State of my To-Do List

My to-do list is a mess.  Its generic, unambitious, unspecific, and full of items that I either no longer do or ones that micromanage my life.  My new #1 to do: fix this damn list.

As I’m writing this, I have 16 items on my to-do list that are overdue. it’s not even that I haven’t done them, but I’ve neglected the list itself.

There is some truth in saying I needed a break from my list, because I like to micromanage myself.  However, with that always nagging list come a buildup of stress and a treadmill-like life.  Every now and then a break is good.  Necessary.

break’s over, kiddies

This is my to do list:

IMG_5107 IMG_5108 IMG_5109

See? Disaster.

Some items have been bugging me, ever day for 33 days.  A constant reminder of what I need to do.


I think its best if we tear it down and build it back from the ground up, and using the baby steps method, slowly incorporate more and more items that slowly increase in complexity

There’s a few things I want to talk about on my to do list:

“Work M” –

There used to be about 4 or 5 different tasks labeled “Work” something.  While I love my job and career, I also tinker and try other things out.  This has resulted in my having about 5 jobs at any given time.

I write for 3 blogs daily, I work as a chef in two separate restaurants, and I work as a freelance photographer/digital teacher/artist etc etc. I use the “Work” heading to keep track of where I should be and when.

I need to do less so I can accomplish more but that’s a discussion for another time.

In addition to everything I do as “work” – which I DO get paid for – I like to constantly apply to new jobs.  At least every 6 months I like to have a sit-down interview and keep those interview skills sharp .  An offer can always come along, even a part-time or freelance offer: looking for jobs never hurts and you’re never required to take an offer.

All this means I have 3 extra headings:

IMG_5107 (2)

Every day I apply for a career, suit and tie sort of job because why the hell not,

IMG_5109 (2)

I pass my chef/restaurateur resume around because someone is always in dire straits,

and I knock on some doors offering my experience and skills for whatever a business might need, always knowing a business can succeed, but its clear most places need to tweak a few things.

“And all for a nominal fee, I’ll show you how.”

Beyond those things,  the list is small: shower, gym, brush your teeth.  It lacks ambition.

Lets tear it down and start over again

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