Baby Steps

The Baby-Steps Method

Big, life-altering changes are few and far between.  We all make big, grand, sweeping statements about losing all that extra weight, getting rid of all your debt, exercising every day and doing all those things you always say you’ll do or resolve to be every new years.

If you want all those things, you can have them, sure.  However, going all in isn’t really the way to get there.  To truly change your life, you just need to take the smallest step in the right direction.  You need the Baby-Steps Method.
Many people make new year’s resolution, and drop them by March.  It’s hard to make huge sweeping changes.  It’s hard to pay off all your debt in a month, its sometimes dangerous to suddenly drop caffeine and sugar, and many people get injured or hurt jumping into a  power-lifting routine, whole-hog.

But there is a better way.

Small changes.  Not huge sweeping changes, but small, steady steps towards change.  They’re easy to sustain, add to, and grow.  Using small, easy to accumulate, steps, big changes become easy lifestyle changes.

I call it the Baby Steps method.

I’ve tried a lot of different ways to do a lot of different things, and this has worked for me and everyone I’ve done it with every time.  Consider health and fitness.

If you have never done a push-up or grabbed a weight before, you’d be crazy to hit Gold’s Gym and dead-lift 500lbs.  Its crazy, it’s even dangerous.  Instead of trying to be a hero right out of the gate, learn your limits: perfect your form and build up over time.  Otherwise you get hurt, tired, injured.

Consider cooking.  Don’t start with a crazy chef knife and dice away.  Learn how to cut properly, safely, maybe make the Mac and Cheese before you tackle Sushi or Souffle.  Consider anything, and it becomes pretty clean that before you dive in, maybe it is wiser to do your research.

A lot of what I do involves utilizing the Baby-Steps Method.  On my plate right now are a few projects I am starting that I would love to dive right into, but would probably be more successful at if I went about it step by step.

Smaller steps to a better life.  This is Step One.

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