The First Exercise

If you’ve been following this blog, you know a bit about  the journey from absolutely Zero exercise to becoming the best a person can be.  And through this journey, I’ve used something I call the Baby Steps method – small, barely noticeable changes you can maintain and grow upon.  Today, I’m delving into a world I used to know quite a bit, but I’m putting all my knowledge on the shelf and learning from the beginning:  I’m taking on weight lifting.

I have followed Raphael Calzadilla’s PreBeginner series thus far:  Its designed for people who have NEVER been fit, or don’t know where to begin.  Considering I was extremely athletic and active as a youth and even into my mid-twenties, perhaps this isn’t the best place to start, but this blog is about building new foundations for life.

With that said, If I have to start doing one exercise a day, it makes sense that it’s a shoulder exercise.

Shoulder are key.  They are the link to the Arms and hands, and they connect to your chest and back.  Your muscles move you, and you need to have them pumped and primed.   People tend to have very tight, weak shoulders and out of all the muscles, shoulders can be the most useful: lifting, reaching, grabbing everyday items.


Try this exercise out.  Even better, try it with the baby steps method.  No weights (so much for weight lifting huh?).  We can add weights on later, but we should build the foundation of letting our body move.

Do one rep tonight at home.  Tomorrow,  do 2 reps, and then 4, and then 8.  Follow along with my blog if you like.  It might seem like nothing, but every grain of sand fills a timepiece.


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